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Case Studies

CIn the era of transforming into digital education, UGEE keeps thinking how to better manage and analyze class assignment records, and share the statistic result while still keep the traditional feeling and experience of writing on paper.

UGEE invented the digital handwriting devices that paving the way for this transformation. The devices will not only allow users to write normally on paper, but also digitize the handwriting instantly and send it to the cloud or connect server for processing.

Smart Interactive Classroom

Instead of writing on a blackboard using chalk, instructors use digital pen (stylus) and write on handwriting tablet or pad. Original handwriting will be synchronized and displayed on a larger projector or electronic whiteboard.


Students use digital handwriting tablet or pad to answer questions or quizzes. Instructors can choose answers randomly from one or multiple students and display the answers on a larger screen for further commenting or explanation.


Software running at the backend server can collect and check student answers in real time and produce static analysis, and send feedback to instructors for further improvements in classroom lectures.


Application scenarios:  Classroom lectures, Classroom quizzes, Open classes.

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Handwriting Lecture Video Recording

Instructors can give explanations to the key points of the subject and problem solving process with the use of handwriting devices. 


Combine the use of HYPENnote software, the entire process can be recorded for later use. 


Recorded video clip is in a common well-supported format, and can be saved and shared on online platforms.


Suitable for general lecturing to meet the requirements from students with different background. 


Application scenarios:  Lecture preparation ,  Lecture recording ,  

After-class Q&A ,  Special lecture topic 


Handwriting Online Interaction

Through the live broadcast platform, instructors can use the smart handwriting tablet to write and explain course contents. Along with the instructors’ audio capture, the course contents can be video captured and transmitted in real time to students connected online. 


Students use the smart handwriting tablet to answer questions or quizzes in real time, and instructors view students' answers remotely in real time to check for progress. 


Breaking through the limitations of traditional remote education using video and PPT, restoring the true feeling of study in a real classroom. 


Application scenarios:  Live online lecture platform ,  Interactive remote education

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